Answers to some frequently asked questions about our services, how to make a referral and what to expect during our involvement

1. What is a workplace rehabilitation provider?

A workplace rehabilitation provider assists with the return to work process for compensable injuries/conditions. Workplace rehabilitation providers consist of a team of Rehabilitation Consultants who hold allied health qualifications including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, exercise physiology and psychology. They provide expertise in identifying and addressing any barriers that may be impacting the worker’s return to work and life following an injury.

2. How do I refer to Custodian Work Assist?

You can refer to Custodian Work Assist using the e-referral link on our website, by completing one of our referral forms (hard copy or RTF) and sending this to us via email or fax, by completing a WorkCover WA Form 310 (refer to Resources) or by emailing admin@custodianworkassist.com.au or phoning us on 08 6118 2178.

3. What can I expect when a referral is made?

Custodian Work Assist will contact the worker, and other stakeholders where applicable, within 24 hours of the referral being received. Once we receive approval, one of our Rehabilitation Consultants will contact the worker to arrange an initial meeting, with the goal of this being scheduled within 5 working days.

4. Where will meetings with Custodian Work Assist take place?

For the initial meeting, our Rehabilitation Consultants will meet the worker at their home, a local facility near their home (i.e. café or library), the workplace, or Custodian Work Assist’s office. We liaise with the worker to confirm what is most convenient for them and what they feel most comfortable with. Following the initial meeting, our team’s face-to-face meetings with the worker and other stakeholders generally take place in the workplace and medical centres for case conferences.

5. Where are you located and what areas do you service?

Our Perth office is located in Subiaco, Western Australia. Our team of Rehabilitation Consultants in Perth are mobile and service the Perth metropolitan area. Our South West office is located in Bunbury, Western Australia. Our South West Rehabilitation Consultants are also mobile and service the South West and Great Southern regions. We are also able to service other regional locations in Western Australia, including the Wheatbelt, Goldfields, Mid West, Gascoyne, Pilbara and Kimberley regions. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

6. Can I choose who I see?

Yes. Within the WA Workers’ Compensation system, you have the right to choose your workplace rehabilitation and treatment providers.

7. When would a referral to Custodian Work Assist not be suitable?

Generally, if a Workers’ Compensation or Compulsory Third Party claim hasn’t been lodged or has been declined or if the worker is certified as having full capacity for work, it is unlikely that workplace rehabilitation services will be approved. If a claim has been pended, in some circumstances we may be able to gain approval to provide workplace rehabilitation services on a without prejudice basis.

8. Who pays for your services?

Workplace rehabilitation services are funded by the relevant insurance company, out of the workplace rehabilitation entitlement as part of the claim. For Workers’ Compensation and Compulsory Third Party claims, our services are charged at the WorkCover WA rate.


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